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The   Cheshire   Winter   Leagues   will   be   running   again   this   coming   Winter   with   the   first   round   of matches in November. Each   Cheshire   Club   (affiliated   to   Cheshire   Archery   Association)   is   able   to   enter   a   team   or teams   into   the   Compound,   Recurve,   Longbow   and   Barebow   leagues   that   operated   withing the Cheshire Winter Leagues. For   Club   to   enter   teams   it   must   appoint   a   League   Secretary   who   has   access   to   Email   and   the Internet and is confident in their use. Each    Club    League    Secretary    registers    each    of    their    team(s)    they    wish    to    enter    into    the Leagues. Don't   forget   there   are   4   Leagues   involved,   Compound   (3   Archers   per   team),   Longbow   (2 Archers per Team), Recurve (3 Archers per Team) and Recurve Barebow (2 Archers per Team). Registration    will    be    through    this    Website    which    has    now    been    set    to    receive    Team Registrations. This   registration   must   be   submitted   by   no   later   than   30th   September ,   so   that   the   Divisions and   the   Fixtures   can   be   finalised   and   allow   the   website   to   be   updated   in   time   for   the   1st   of November when the leagues get under way. If   you   had   a   Team   in   last   season’s   Leagues   then   there   will   be   no   need   to   submit   a   estimated team score with your registration unless you have special extenuating circumstances E.G. None of the Archers who shot in the Team last season are no longer shooting. Each   Club   League   Secretary   also   must   be   able   to   submit   their   Club’s   Scores   for   each   month’s matches   as   per   the   Leagues   Rules   i.e.   submit   them   correctly   each   month   not   later   then   the end    of    the    3rd    day    of    the    following    month,    otherwise    it    causes    unnecessary    delays    in producing the Results and updating the League Website each month. Please   read   League   Rules   before   clicking   on   the   Register   a   Team   Button   to   register   your Teams.   Cost   per   team   remains   at      £5.00   and   instructions   where   to   send   your   Club’s   entry   fee   will   be given   once   you   registered   all   your   teams   by   the   League   Organiser   (John   Lewis)   All   Entry   Fees to   be   with   Cheshire   Leagues   Organiser   by   no   later   than   24th   October,   2019   for   teams   to   be fully registered. Any questions please Email the Organiser (John Lewis) at leagues@cheshirearchery.org . Looking forward to receiving your Club’s Regaistration(s) Any   questions   please   to   not   hesitate   to   contact   me,   John   Lewis   (Cheshire   Winter   Leagues Organiser), by clicking on the Contact Button in the Menu to the left. Regards John Lewis